About Me

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Hi, my name is Phil, I have been a professional photographer and DVD producer for 26 years now.

Being self employed for that long, I have been making my own websites for, honestly, I can’t remember. I do remember the first website I had set up, I wasn’t all that pleased with, so I decided to make my own and I have been doing since then. I also remember making a few fan websites for a few actresses and directors since about 2000. I still have a couple of signed photos of some of the actresses signed to me somewhere, well, I think it were, it was sent from America, it was most likely their secretaries.

As I say, I have always worked on my own sites, including this one (DUH!) and PG Photography. I have also made websites for a few other businesses and even a local village or two. Most of them are from my personal side of things, so I can’t really put them on here, but I am building a portfolio for escorts to see. 

With the photography doing well, I recently had a lady ask about her website. She had done all the content herself, but just needed it tidied up a little, so I said I would have a look at it for her. What she had done was excellent, but it just needed things moving around and lined up, here and there, and the perfectionist I am, I just helped out, but it just polished the site and made it look a little more professional.

A website might be a first port of call for a client, you want it looking as best you can, it’s your first impression.

I have been working as an escort photographer now for a few years now and I’m very familiar with the industry, have a good understand of the business side of things and also have complete discretion with whomever I work with, for all the obvious reasons, your details are never, ever passed on! I completely understand that trust is an issue with many escorts, so all details are kept private.

Not all ladies stay in the industry forever, you might need a break or you might retire, your website can be backed up and removed at any time, putting your mind at ease that it won’t be lingering around for a long time.