Photo Galleries

You can have a full gallery of photos, choose which images you would like to use and have them watermarked (if needed).


If you are Available Today, put it on your website for no extra cost, so clients know when you are working.

A blog

Do you want to let your clients know where you are touring, what you're up to or offers you have on? Then simply update your own blog.

1 year hosting

The first years hosting is all included in the package price, with a reasonable price for each year following.

SSL Security

All of your details, and your clients, will be kept safe with all the most up to date security.


The site will be fully Search Engine Optimised so clients can find you quicker. With SEO updated, at no extra cost.

Where do bookings come from?

Speaking to escorts who use AdultWork, UK AdultZone, other places to advertise and their own website, they say that having their own website gets the most bookings. 

Having their own site means they can control who they see, how they advertise themselves, what images or videos they post and show where and when they work. 

Once a website has been paid for, after the initial outlay, there is no month running costs, there are no extras to show your diary or phone number, it’s all been paid for in one go! 

Bookings via other places
Bookings via AdultWork
Bookings via UK Adultzone
Bookings via Personal Website

About Me

Hi, my name is Phil, I have been a professional photographer and DVD producer for 26 years now.

Being self employed for that long, I have been making my own websites for, honestly, I can’t remember. 

With the photography doing well, I recently had a lady ask about her website. She had done all the content herself, but just needed it tidied up a little, so I said I would have a look at it for her. What she had done was excellent, but it just needed things moving around and lined up, here and there, and the perfectionist I am, I just helped out, but it just polished the site and made it look a little more professional.

A website might be a first port of call for a client, you want it looking as best you can, it’s your first impression.

I have been working as an escort photographer now for a few years now and I’m very familiar with the industry, have a good understand of the business side of things and also have complete discretion with whomever I work with, for all the obvious reasons, your details are never, ever passed on! I completely understand that trust is an issue with many escorts, so all details are kept private.

I first started editing and playing with home movies when I was about 5 years old. I’ve been a professional DVD producer for 26 years this year and I have been an escort photographer for a few years now. I have pretty much always done my own website since about 2000, I like to think I have eye for detail and the first website I had built for a business I run wasn’t great, so I thought I would try it myself. At the moment, most of my portfolio is in my personal side of things, so I cannot share, but I am building an escort portfolio.

I’m based in the South West, but I work a lot in London. I do tour around the UK for photo shoots (best to check my Tours page on PG Photos). 

The first years hosting is free, but after that the cost is £50 a year. For things like SEO updates (making sure you stay on the top pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc), we can work together and make sure the website is working for you, updates to a gallery/video links, editing links to social media etc, all updates are included in the original price. 

Yes. We’ll go through the details and make sure everything in the SEO is covered, so you get to the top of the search engines. We can also review it now and then, to make sure everything is up to date.

My plan is to make a website, personal to you. I don’t have a ‘pick from the shelf’ set of websites for you to choose from, I will design everything from scratch. If you have seen a website that you like the look of, you can show me and we can see if we can design something like it, but personal to you.

I do require payment upfront, for a photo/video shoot a deposit, with the remainder on the day. The extras can be purchased at any time. The deposit or upfront payment can be via Pyapal or Bank Transfer, usually on the day of the shoot, I prefer cash. I can also accept credit card payment. Obviously, all of you details are never, ever passed on.

Yes, you can send me through details and  I can update them for you, some of the updates may have a small fee. If you are wanting to update your photos/videos/galleries and you would like a new shoot, I always offer a ‘loyalty discount’, just Contact Me for details and prices.

Of course, I will be doing deals for this, so you can get a deal on both a shoot and website, so it will include everything for a whole new ‘you’. If you have had a photo/video shoot with me before, you can get a discount, simply. I have a page set up, explaining everything, on PG Photos

No, I will only work with ladies 18 years and over and based in the UK.

If you are lucky enough to look under 21, I will require a written declaration of age and Photo ID in the form of ID Card, Passport or Drivers Licence. My online questionnaire requires the applicant to declare they are of age, not working/escorting against their free will, not being managed by any 3rd party and legally entitled to seek employment within the UK.

A simple home page can be set up almost straight away. If you have had a photo shoot with me, you’ll know that you usually get a set of photos by the time you get home. With the websites, it’s the same thing, I aim to get something to you within 24 hours, a starting point where we can make it look as you want it and then the rest of the website will be done within 2 – 3 days, maybe a week at busy times.


Here is some of my feedback, from the photos shoots I have a had with escorts, plus others I have build websites for.

Hi Phil, thanks for shooting me. You were lovely to work with very accommodating and I am glad you’re happy of course I will. Thank you look forward to seeing whatever other pics you choose later on x


Porn star

Can’t believe that could be my last ever photo shoot. Sad that I may never work with you again, you've been an absolute pleasure. Anything I can do to help you in the mean time just let me know. I'm a big, big fan of your services! Thanks for everything.



I've just seen the video and I love it, thank you so much. You're absolutely amazing and I'm so grateful I met you. I can't wait to work with you again and we can make some great stuff. Thank you.


Porn star

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed working, and socializing with you. It’s been a really refreshing change. You’ve made my last couple of shoots a lot easier and stress free, you’re so good at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. Which was something I really struggled to achieve.



Website Overhaul

An existing website redesign.
  • Full website redesign
  • 1 years hosting
  • 1 years support
  • New layout
  • New gallery(ies)
  • SSL Security
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Links to social media and AW
  • Availability dairy when ever you like

New Site & Photo Shoot

A bespoke built website and a full photo shoot
  • A brand new, bespoke website
  • 1 years hosting
  • 1 years support
  • Several pages, covering everything you need
  • Gallery and videos (with hosting)
  • SSL Security
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Links to social media and AW
  • Availability dairy when ever you like

Contact Me

To contact me, simple use the form here.