Why get your own website?

With your own website, you can have full control over everything, your content, your diary, you links to social media, without any 'middleman' taking a cut or telling you what you can and can't post. You can keep your clients up to date with your availability, location and services...all in one place.

Photo Galleries

You can have a full gallery of photos, choose which images you would like to use and have them watermarked (if needed).

A blog

Do you want to let your clients know where you are touring, what you're up to or offers you have on? Then simply update your own blog.


If you are Available Today, put it on your website for no extra cost, so clients know when you are working.

1 year hosting

The first years hosting is all included in the package price, with a reasonable price for each year following.

SSL Security

All of your details, and your clients, will be kept safe with all the most up to date security.


The site will be fully Search Engine Optimised so clients can find you quicker. With SEO updated, at no extra cost.

Where do bookings come from?

Speaking to escorts who use AdultWork, UK AdultZone, other places to advertise and their own website, they say that having their own website gets the most bookings. 

Having their own site means they can control who they see, how they advertise themselves, what images or videos they post and show where and when they work. 

Once a website has been paid for, after the initial outlay, there is no month running costs, there are no extras to show your diary or phone number, it’s all been paid for in one go! 

Bookings via other places
Bookings via AdultWork
Bookings via UK Adultzone
Bookings via Personal Website

More benefits

  • You will be making the most of your online presence
  • Your bespoke website will pay for itself after only a couple of 2 – 3 hour bookings
  • You will have complete control of your content – no restrictions from Adultwork etc
  • Your website will show prospective clients that you’re professional
  • You can have all of your time/dates available, at no extra cost
  • You can show links to Adultwork and display your feedback
  • Your social media can be linked to your website
  • You don’t need to worry about other websites removing your profile or being taken down altogether
  • There are many more reasons to have your own website, but overall; having something personal to you will attract more work.

Speaking to some punters, most find a lady more appealing if she has a separate website from Adultwork. Some clients do not like or trust directories, some are unaware of them, some worry about the legality of having a website as a “middleman”…I can create a complete, professional website for you which will allow you to target those clients who are missing out on seeing you.

One quote from Twitter : 

How professional the site looks. If a woman took the time / spent the money to have a nice site it usually translates into a lady who is serious about her profession.

You can have full control over the content, you can post what you like and you don’t have to worry about your profile dispersing. 

It can be ready for search engines, so clients can find you, locally or even further a field. 

Everything can be linked to all you social media, so you can stay up to date. 

My Feedback

Here is some of my feedback, from the photos shoots I have a had with escorts. 

Anyone in Manchester, Newcastle or Glasgow and looking for some lush boudoir photography should definitely check out Phil G Photos. He did some lush ones of me in October and he’s such a nice guy. Really funny and so easy to get on with xxx
A great shoot with a lovely professional photographer. I’m over the moon with my pics and would recommend PG in a heartbeat! I will be booking him again.
Behind the scenes
PG has been nothing but professional, he has also listened to advice and guidance from within the industry. He is certainly not someone who has waltzed in thinking he knows everything. I am very careful who I use, I've seen the quality of his work improve greatly over time.

My services

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My Portfolio

I have escort websites already built and see my examples of my boudoir photos.

Start your own website!

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